This list has been put together to help you find a Tribal Bellydance teacher or troupe in your area... Sydney, Suburbs or regional areas of NSW and ACT.

Tribal has many variations, from pure American Tribal Style (ATS) to all of the permutations of Tribal Fusion. For some more information about these styles, look at the links page or contact a few of the teachers you are interested in and ask them about their style and approach!


Teacher: Debra Napier

School: Musa Tribal Belly Dance
Style taught: ATS, Gypsy Caravan and Tribal Fusion
Professional Troupe: Las Musas
Debra Napier

Debra found her passion, Tribal Bellydance, in 2004 and immediately began studying the form. She loves that Tribal Bellydance teaches confidence and strength in oneself and works to develop this confidence whilst having fun. She has studied under many teachers including; Carolena Nericcio, Paulette Rees & Rachel Brice to name a few. She is a collaborator, teacher and eternal student. She ran the first NSW Student Soiree in 2005 and co-hosts the biennial Australian Tribal and Trance Fest
She is a classically trained pianist and singer and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education.

Teacher: Cristie Fuller

School: Cristie Fuller of Ghawazi Caravan
(at Amera's Palace, Marrickville)
Style taught: ATS and Tribal Fusion
Troupes: Oreades Tribal Bellydance (Professional). Students have opportunities to perform at various haflas and festivals throughout the year.
Cristie Fuller, Tribal Bellydance Teacher, Sydney

Cristie has been a passionate American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion dancer since 2002 and is a member of the acclaimed performance troupe, Ghawazi Caravan. She teaches at Amera's Palace on Monday nights. 7.00-7.30pm is ATS technique and vocabulary with drills and structured improvisation.
7.30-8.00pm Learn and drill isolations, transitions, layers, combinations and choreography in the Tribal Fusion style with a strong ATS base.
For more info, see the above websites or drop Cristie an email at

North West Sydney

Teacher: Margo

Name: ONYXtribal (Castle Hill)
Style taught: Primarily American Tribal Style, but with sprinklings and spices from Gypsy Caravan, Oriental Bellydance and Tribal Fusion
Professional Troupe: ONYXtribal
Student Troupes: ONYX Indus
Contact: or 0419278934
Margo of Onyx Tribal

ONYXtribal in Sydney's Hills District has classes in ATS (American Tribal Style) and its associated styles at Castle Hill. Director, Margo (a lifelong dancer), has General Skills Certificate accreditation with Carolena Nericcio, creator of ATS; and regularly attends workshops with dance luminaries such as Devi Mamak, Paulette Rees-Denis, Jill Parker, Melusina and a host of master teachers.
You are invited to explore what tribal bellydance dance has to offer and join our tribe of women of all ages who simply love to dance. Our classes are friendly and fun-filled, but always strongly technique focused, with plenty of revision to quickly build confidence and strength.

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South West Sydney

Teacher: Annie Alchin

School: Global Gypsie Studios (Ingleburn, Campbelltown, Ashcroft, Green Valley NSW)
Style taught: Egyptian-based Orientale fusion, Gypsie fusion (self styled), Tribal/fusion elements, Variety Dance fusion.
Troupes: Global Gypsie Dance Company, Gypsie Spirit/ Globalesence
Annie Alchin

Annie is the Creative Director of Global Gypsie Studios and has been dancing and teaching bellydance since the mid 1990’s.
Prior to that, she enjoyed 10 years as a professional variety performer/choreographer, as well as having a strong dance background in Ballet and various contemporary and Jazz styles. Annie discovered Tribal style bellydance in 2003 and immediately felt a resonance with it. This, coupled with her extensive dance career, is all drawn on to compliment her colourful, rich and unique Gypsie-fusion style.
The Gypsie fusion technique has become more and more popular in Annie’s classes due to both the passionate and proud experience, and her teaching style. All classes focus on fun, fitness and well being, encouraging a healthy sense of self. Contact Annie at for further class information and performance bookings.
The Global Gypsie Dance Company is the popular Studio troupe, which features various individual performance troupes.
Annie continues to attend workshops in various styles to enable and encourage a rewarding student experience - it benefits the teacher to also be a student!

Teacher: Ruth Kunde

School: Hippy Hippy Shake Bellydance (Campbelltown area) - providing fun and quality classes in modern Egyptian and tribal style belly dance in the Macarthur area, south west of Sydney.
Style taught: FCBD
Student Troupes: Shazzani
Ruth in ATS costume

Ruth draws on over 10 years experience in egyptian belly dance, and over 5 years experience in tribal style belly dance to create a fun, creative and energised atmosphere in her "Tribal Shake" classes. Ruth has studied with Australian dance master, Devi Mamak, and Paulette from Gypsy Caravan in the US. She dances with "Tribal Spirit" and "Aurora", as well as guiding her own student troupe, "Shazzani".
Students are taught basic dance technique and improvisation. Beyond Beginner classes then study advanced improvisation and choreographed dances, as well as experimenting with props such as zills, veils and swords.
Phone on 0408 310 960, or check the website for class times, locations and other information.

Also see Ileana at Bankstown and Debra at Peakhurst

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Western Sydney

Teacher: Sandy Burrow

School: Tribal Style Belly Dance classes (Penrith and Glenmore Park)
Style taught: Tribal Style, ATS, Fusion
Troupes: Aziff(professional) and Sawat(student)
Website: or
Phone: Sandy 0435753414

Aziff troupe are professional performers in the FCBD ATS style, adding their own colourful combos. Teacher Sandy Burrow has 13yrs tribal bellydance experience of tribal with 10yrs teaching experience in ATS. Studied with Carolena Nericcio, Devi Mamak and Paulette Rees Denis, Jill Parker, amoung others, Sandy is one of the original and most established teachers in Australia, having brought many new concepts into Australian Tribal including fast sword, fast double veil and her own popular moves.
For fun, fitness or performance, classes are at Surveyor's Creek Community Cantre, Ballybunion Tce, Glenmore Parkclasses, Tuesday evenings school times: ATS foundation class 6:30pm-7:45pm; intermediate 8pm-9pm. Sunday evening classes at Luddenham 6pm-8:30 performance level. Contact Sandy on 0410 132 497.

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Blue Mountains

Teacher: Devi Mamak

School: Ghawazi Caravan Studios
(Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains)
Professional Troupe: Ghawazi Caravan
Student Troupes: Ghaziya
Phone 02 47587264 or 0419184231
Devi Mamak

Devi Mamak is Artistic Director of the award winning Ghawazi Caravan and student troupe Ghaziya.
Ghawazi Caravan classes with Devi are invite only, intermediate level and above, at Hazelbrook ... or lunchtime classes with Catherine O'Brien at South Penrith for over 50s, call 0416199842.
Devi is one of Australia's leading ATS teachers and has trained many of the top dancers in the genre. Ghawazi Caravan is a sister studio to FCBD with 9 of Devi’s movements accepted into the FCBD vocabulary. She has also co-taught The General Skills Certificate with Carolena Nericcio in Australia and Taiwan.
Devi and Ghawazi Caravan are often invited to teach and perform around Australia, N.Z, Asia, U.S.A. and Europe. Classes are ATS (American Tribal Style) based but also use Devi's and Ghawazi Caravan's distinctive combos and movements based on Oriental, Flamenco, Classical Indian and Contemporary dance.

Teachers: Kathleen Sheean and Lara Bucknall

Class: Privates and workshops only
Styles taught: Oriental and Las Hermanas Tribal variations with influences from other dance genres.
Contact: Kathy 4759 1832 or
Lara 0423 441 527 or
Kathy and Lara of Las Hermanas

Kath and Lara are sisters and have been dancing and performing for over 15 years. Both are trained in a variety of belly dance styles, having studied with many respected teachers within Australia and overseas. They are renowned for their dynamic, unique and creative choreographies having performed them at festivals, corporate and community events within the Sydney area, locally, interstate and internationally. They are highly respected teachers who provide privates and workshops in the Blue Mountains area, interstate and overseas. They regularly attend classes and workshops in other dance genres.

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Central Coast

Teacher: Alexandra

School: Desert Flame
Styles taught: Tribal (Fat Chance BD & Gypsy Caravan); Egyptian Belly Dance, both Folkloric & Oriental; Dunyavi Gypsy.
Student Troupes: Ominesque - Tribal
Belly Divas - Ghawazi & Egyptian Caberet
Contact: 4396 6929 or 0404 462 284
Alexandra balancing a sword

Alexandra is a professional performer and teacher on the Central Coast with over 13 years of experience "under her belt" teaching Egyptian Bellydance, and 6 years teaching American Tribal Style. She sees sisterhood and pure joy of dancing with other women as the attraction to Tribal classes. Exotic and earthy costuming that suits all ages, shapes and sizes is another drawcard – but the secret synchronicity of this dance style is what sets it apart!
Alexandra's group spinningAlexandra's weekly classes are in Toukley - Monday, Wednesday / Thursday day & night. Classes are fun and non competitive, Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced. She is also available for Workshops, Kids, Hen's or Harem parties, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Festivals, Regional Fairs, etc.
Alexandra has studied ATS with Devi Mamak (Ghawazi Caravan), Carolena & Karen (Fat Chance Belly Dance), Paulette (Gypsy Caravan) and many master teachers of Egyptian Belly Dance.

Teacher: Shameela

School: Desert Flame Bellydance
Style taught: Oriental Bellydance, Bollywood, American Tribal Style and Tribal Indian fusion and other Fusion styles.
Professional Troupes: Indra Bellydance (Shameela and Gabriella)
Student Troupe: Tribal Rhythm
Contact: 43392014 or 0412 685 755
Shameela - Indra Bellydance

Teaching on the Central coast for over 14 years Shameela brings her experience, knowledge and dance expertise to her classes and workshops. She teaches various dance styles including Oriental Belly dance, Bollywood, ATS Tribal and fusion styles. Shameela has been innovative creating her own unique Tribal Indian fusion style using Indian hand mudras and temple poses combined with funky ATS tribal moves and producing her own instructional Dvd “The Eyes of Buddha”. As well as weekly classes Shameela organises student Concerts, Workshop Weekends and is involved in many local community events as a performer, organiser, teacher and choreographer.
Workshops Shameela has presented: Bellydance for fun and fitness; Expression through movement; Veil and skirt Dancing; Egyptian Stick dancing; Drum Solo Technique; The Art of performing plus workshops presenting a particular choreography. Tribal style bellydance for beginners, Tribal Fusion, Tribal Indian Fusion, Bollywood Fusion, Have fun with Bollywood, Bollywood Rocks, Bollywood scarf dance plus workshops presenting choreographies.

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Teacher: April Erzetich

Workshops: Khalbelia Folk Dance. Come to Newcastle or sponsor workshops in your area.
Contact: 0416115612
April Erzetich performing Khalbelia dance

As seen in the film Latcho Drom, this beautiful dance style is native to the semi-nomadic Snake Charming Caste of Rajasthan, the Khalbelia.
April spent four months in 2009 and three months in 2010 living in Rajasthan, India, studying and performing with the Khalbelia people on a regular basis. Workshops contain a short information session about the Khalbelia people, then demonstrate their vivacious, colourful and energetic dance.
This dance form features stamping, spins, mudras, skirt movements and expression of personality, it is full of fun and 'gypsy' flair! Khalbelia workshops can be tailored for beginner and advanced dancer alike. April has studied ATS since 2002 and been a member of Ghawazi Caravan since 2006 as well as taught ATS for G.C. Studios and at the Shakti School of Dance in Pushkar, so is aware of how fascinating true tribal cultures are to bellydancers, and how beautifully Indian movement can be utilised in other styles. She would love to promote and share this dance in Australia.

Wollongong Area

Teacher: Jacqueline Peperkamp

School: Tribal Jewels Dance Company
Style taught: ATS, Gypsy Caravan, Contemporary Style & Tribal Fusion.
Techniques using zills, tambourine, fan-veils, silk veil, sword balancing, piano shawl, poi twirling and festival wings.
Professional Troupe: Tribal Jewels
Student Troupes: Gypsy Jewels, Sister Jewels and Junior Jewels
Contact: or 0419 241649
Jacqueline Peperkamp, Tribal Jewels

Classes for females all ages. Beginner lessons for both juniors and ladies. Ongoing and progressive levels from intermediate – advanced. Professional level for outstanding and dedicated members.
Our studio provides newcomers a friendly and safe environment, whether it be making friends, gain self expression and confidence. An ideal exercise in an alternative way. A brief study of dance history, origins, music, costume and makeup application and it's modern style changes in today’s western society.
Artistic Director, Jacqueline Peperkamp is an award winning teacher of the NSW Bellydance community. A professional performer and teacher since 1997. She opened her first dance studio formerly known as Jewels of the Harem in 2004. Teaching, performing and studying Tribal Style Bellydance is Jacqueline's passion. Visit website for more details on classes and workshops.

Lismore and Byron Bay

Teacher: Danielle Sansom

School: The Barefoot Gypsies Tribal Dance
Styles taught: FCBD American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion (privates only)
Professional Troupe: The Barefoot Gypsies
Contact: or 0401 385 883
Networks: The Barefoot Gypsies Tribal Belly Dance Facebook page
Danielle Sansom

Come and learn the beautiful dance form that is ATS belly dance. Connect with your body, your fellow dancing sisters and your gypsy spirit! FCBD format ATS is a fusion of Flamenco, Middle Eastern, gypsy and modern dance forms. Discover the strength and beauty of this dance and why it is so intoxicating to watch, dance and perform!
Danielle has intensively studied ATS belly dance for the past 6 years with highly renowned international and Australian dancers such as Carolena Nerriccio (the director and founder of FCBD), Paulette Rees-Denis, Jill Parker, Rachel Brice, Heather Stants, Deb Rubin, Devi Mamak and Jacqueline Peperkamp.
She has a strong technique focus while keeping things fun and friendly! Email Danielle for class, privates or performance enquiries.

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Teacher: Sheri Court-Kriesch

School: Sacredgroove Bellydance
Muswellbrook, NSW, 2333
Troupes: Sacredgroove (professional and student troupes)
Fused (High school students)
Rainbow Dancers (primary school students)
Sheri Court-Kriesch

Sacredgroove Bellydance troupe are professional performers in the Fusion style.
Focusing on no one style but rather finding the GROOVY in all styles with particular favorites being Tribal and Gypsy. Sheri Court-Kriesch has 10 years of teaching and choreography experience and more than 20 years as a performer, regularly participating in workshops with many renowned Australian and international Bellydancing teachers, as well as presenting her own workshops. Sheri created Sacredgroove so she could fuse her love of dance with the groovy beats of world music both traditional and contemporary.
For more information call 0410055854 or visit


Teachers: Pippa Spice and Bronwyn Campbell

School: Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance
Style Taught: American Tribal Style®
Troupe: Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance
Tribal Bellydance Duo, Buasavanh

Buasavanh is a Canberra-based belly dance duo specialising in improvised American Tribal Style® belly dance. They formed in 2010 and regularly perform around Canberra and the surrounding region at festivals, community events and private functions. Performing to both traditional and modern music, particularly Australian artists, Buasavanh performances feature the use of finger cymbals and dramatic sword.

Classes offer the opportunity to learn classic American Tribal Style (ATS)® belly dance, including an introduction to playing finger cymbals. See the website for days and times.

Pippa started studying and performing Tribal Belly Dance in 2006, teaching from 2010. She has undertaken training with Carolena Nericcio from FatChanceBellyDance®, Devi Mamak from Ghawazi Caravan and Fiona MacPherson from the Tribalista Sistas. She also dances a number of other styles including flamenco, Egyptian and Turkish belly dance and Turkish gypsy dance.

Bronwyn began belly dancing in 1997, teaching from 1999. From 2001-2005 she taught and performed in Southeast Asia. Since returning to Canberra she has taught traditional Egyptian folk dance, as well as studying, performing and teaching Tribal Style Bellydance with the Tribalista Sistas and Buasavanh.

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